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Lythal was raised in the small town of Gould, AR. Throughout her childhood, writing poems and lyrics has always been her getaway. It gave her a sense of freedom to be able to express deep emotions that were better left unsaid. She recorded her first song on a computer without any special music program. Her first real experience in a studio didn’t happen until she was 20 years old.


After relocating to Dallas, other opportunities arose alongside having a career in music. With her mystifying beauty, Lythal became a common face in fashion shows all over Dallas. Hungry for success, she realized that ‘closed mouths don’t get fed’. After attempting to network with several artists and producers, she realized that very few people were willing to work with her and didn’t share the same passion she had for music. By chance, she ran into one of the city’s hottest producers, Flame. After talking to him, she realized they shared the same passion for music. After Flame showed interest in her work, she seized the opportunity. With his connections and resources, he helped her to get to the next level.


Together, they accomplished a lot from recording quality music, working with different photographers for photoshoots, and gracing the stage at many venues in Dallas. 


Lythal’s accomplishments include performing at the Kwanza Fest in Dallas (2012), going back home to perform at the Annual Hoodnic in Dumas, AR, (2012, 2014, 2015) and doing a feature for up and coming rapper Lil Ronny MothaF. She has also became one of the faces for a clothing brand, Baddie Co., and has been on the runway for many fashion shows, such as Runway Dallas. With the help of visuals on YouTube, Lythal is known around the Dallas and Fort Worth area for her music, fashion, and bubbly personality.


Her first project, Lythal Injection, was released October 2013. She has officially released her first Album/EP "Resilience" on all major platforms on Black Friday this year with a new, seasoned style. Lythal gives us a glimpse of her story in this EP along with her versatility. The country rapper started the project off with "Real Ones" which basically explains why the real ones take a lil' longer all while speaking on her grind. The next track, "Laid Up" is for the lovers (or even the creepers) bringing a slow jam for those who like to ditch the club to lay up with their lover. The fun track "Skirt" has got everyone blown away with the simple, yet catchy song, this one just might be the kids' favorite track. "Stickup" comes with some motivational vibes letting everyone know that she is here to stay. Great for a workout or to get you through your work day. The EP closes out with "Keep That". Lythal wants us to keep that same energy when she's taking her throne, what better way to end the project. Fans have been speaking on her growth and is looking forward to some visuals.

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